Spiritual Direction is always about helping harmonize goals, desires, hopes, and dreams with God’s call.

There are three aspects to Spiritual Direction:

                • Direction
                • Consultation
                • Life Exploration

All aspects of Spiritual Direction is about relating to those in your world with God and how God might be calling you to relate to them.

Spiritual Direction:

The open-ended aspect that emphasizes the directee learning her personal insights of the Divine. We use prayer, Ignatian mediation, insightful discussion of life, and spiritual issues to help determine the presence of the God in life.


Spiritual Consultation:

Examining past decisions, situations, and choices to see how they affect our lives, to see how God is calling us to change.

Here prayer is a tremendously powerful instrument.

With it, we invite the Holy to be with us as we explore any areas of feeling “stuck” that we might have, and with prayer, we ask for healing of those wounded places.

Spiritual Life Exploration:

This aspect will focus on helping you learn your talents and gifts as you grow towards more authentic personhood. Spiritual Life Exploration helps you obtain the life you want and are called to have by helping you to:

  • Create a prayer life, which flows and works best for your particular lifestyle
  • Explore your goals to see which will move you forward
  • Helps to discover spiritual gifts
  • Prioritize all aspects of life, so they are a more harmonious whole.

What Spiritual Direction is not

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy, counseling, life coaching, or financial planning.  

It is a listening ministry that can be a great help for you to hear God’s calling for your life, yourself, your motherhood.  A spiritual director cannot diagnose illness but will help in finding someone who is qualified.  Goal-setting is a part of spiritual direction but only as it pertains to God’s call.  

Many moms may also go to a Spiritual Director and also go to a therapist, pastoral counselor.  Spiritual Direction is always about helping moms to achieve the life God wants to help us create, and for us to see those God moments in our lives both good and bad.


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