Tools To Help You Celebrate

Motherhood/Womanhood and God

Having just five minutes daily could renew, refresh, and rejuvenate our spirits but how to find those minutes when life is so hectic. Ignatian spiritual gives us ways to hear God, find God, follow God.

The spiritual exercises give us time to process and (re)connect with our changing spirituality/life.  The Examen, a prayer practice, will help us be wakeful to creating opportunities from obstacles that come.

Sharing our gifts and talents, pursuing integrity, and having concern for those in need we create a world, family, a community of love? 

God has given us the grace, strength, and faith to do all this through our Baptismal roles of Priest, Prophet, Queen.

Tools Of Spiritual Lives Of Women

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment

  • Dream/Prayer/Mass Journaling

  • Understanding Emotions

  • Prayer/Guided Imagery Meditation

  • Discernment: Decision Making/Life Understanding

Ways To Reflect

  • God’s Word: Moment Of Mediation

  • Daily Questions To Ponder: Journal questions

  • Morning Examen: Starting the Day

  • Nighttime Blessing: Ending the day

Nurturing Community Online/Offline

FYI, Wednesday Facebook/Instagram Chat Live

Sharing Wisdom/Prayers/Suggestions for Program/Retreats/Material

Facebook Group( for resources, encouragement and more

Motherhood and God Newspaper

Nurturing Your Inner Life

Dream/Prayer/Mass journaling: Understanding Patterns: How To Set Up Each Type of Journal

Questions to Ponder: Scripture insights/Ways to Live Out Our Baptismal Roles

Exploring Prayer: Contemplative Focusing and Prayer Guided Imagery/Discovering those God Moments in Life/Sacred Conversation Between You and God

Sessions of Individual Spiritual Direction On-line and Off: Yahoo!/Facebook Chat, Skype, Email, Phone

Group Sessions of Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Exercises

Retreats Done Online/Offline

Living Love Daily Ways to Live Out the Great Commandment

Living More that the Role: God Calls Us to More

Moments Of Meditation Daily Scripture through a Mom’s Eyes:

Kairos for Moms Once a week Six Week Retreat of Time with God: Transformed by Motherhood, Our Yes Renewal

One Time Retreats: The Spirituality of Motherhood: Plating the Seed of Faith, Breaking Ground, Cultivating, Gathering

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