God comes to us

  • Ruth invited angels into her tent, and received the joyous announcement that she has convinced in her old age.
  • The woman at the well; Jesus was there for her, waiting for her, renewed her.
  • The three Marys at the tomb sought Jesus, but he found them, comforted them.
  • The woman about to be stoned was defended by Jesus
  • Mary and Martha had a deep friendship with Jesus

God is there when we experience the long waited for, when we are burdened, facing injustice, and in need of the intimacy of grace and mercy.


deepening one’s faith, identity, relationships, and connection to God’s role in our lives. This retreat is an opportunity to find meaning in the highs and lows of your life. Kairos is a journey of the heart, mind, and soul. (from Greek kairos, adapted to mean “the Lord’s time”) is a Roman Catholic retreat program for high school and college students; but it is hoped that this experience can be for mothers as well. Spiritual Lives Of Women is creating an online Kairos for moms with the aim of creating a self-paced retreat; the online experience is focused on helping moms learn how their spirituality has been shaped by having children in ways they could not imagine.  


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