Kairos (from Greek kairos, adapted to mean “the Lord’s time”) is a Roman Catholic retreat program for high school and college students; but it is hoped that this experience can be for mothers as well. Spiritual Lives Of Women is creating an online Kairos for moms with the aim of creating a self-paced retreat; the online experience is focused on helping moms learn how their spirituality has been shaped by having children in ways they could not imagine.  Included in this experience will be Mommy Mantra cards which are scripture reflections that explore the Gospels from a mothering perspective and provide a journal question to ponder.  There is also a video mediation, a Valentine from God, that brings the week into focus.  And finally an opportunity to speak with a spiritual director online, in session or through email.


Kairos is part of the larger Three day movement in America, ultimately derived from the Cursillo movement founded in 1940s Spain. As such, the retreat is a four day, three night (or three day, two night in some cases) residential retreat, with the aim of providing participants the chance to “contemplate God’s role in their lives”.

It was first held in 1965, and under its current name since 1979. It is conceptually based in Ignatian spirituality, as put forth in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.  From Wikipediaipt>

The Self-Paced Weeks:

Week One: Understanding

Week Two: Renewing

Week Three: Transforming

Week Four: Proclaiming

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