Words Of Love From God

182146_462947877063231_514566922_n Mommy Mantra

Taking a pledge to live conscientiously - Sunday’s readings speak of living the law. The Jewish people follow the Law of Moses, 613 laws that governed all their lives. Jesus comes along and turns that on its head. He has come to fulfill the law, to broaden the scope of the law, filtering it to it’s true essence – that it is […]
Wet trout - Jesus speaks to the Pharisees about how they “disregard God’s commandment but cling to human tradition.”  He is speaking of broadening the scope of the law.  It’s not the fact that the disciples aren’t washing their hands that make them “unclean”, it’s what they say, how they act. Jesus is saying live, act consciously.  Don’t just […]
Father - Good morning my fellow moms! It’s a beautiful morning, filled with possibilities! Remember that God loves us, exhorting us to do our best, be our best. God wants to encourage us to always follow Him, look to Him during the good times and bad.
Do not ask me to abandon or forsake you! - There is a relationship between the two readings of today. We have Ruth a Moabite woman staying with her mother-in-law and the Greatest Commandment Gospel. The Greatest Commandment shows the relationship we must have with each other and God. Ruth’s staying with her mother-in-law, Naomi, is a great example of the Great Commandment.  Ruth’s  mother-in-law must have […]
The power of the door - From the first reading of today’s Mass: “Jephthah made a vow to the LORD. ‘If you deliver the Ammonites into my power,” he said, “whoever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me when I return in triumph from the Ammonites shall belong to the LORD. I shall offer him up as a burnt offering.’”   […]
But he got more than I did! - “The Kingdom of heaven is like a landowner….”  Landowner, landowner, how does that have anything to do with being a mom?  If we look at our Baptismal roles: Priest – Nurturer, Prophet – First Teacher, Queen – Sovereign, Guide; we can see how landowner might fit. We have children, who like the day labourers come […]
It’s a tug of war between Jesus and I - Jesus speaks very directly to the disciples about who will be able to enter the Kingdom of God, and the opening isn’t that big.  This causes the disciples to exclaim: “Who then can be saved?” Who then can? That is the question.  Of course we all can.  For all things are possible with God.  As a mom […]
Loosed, bound - MT 18:15-20 is today’s Gospel, and it has quite a bit to say.  We hear Jesus explain to the disciples how to handle a dispute between you and someone you know.  First you go off with this person privately and try and work it out.  You can’t get satisfaction than you bring in people who know what […]
Do you remember your first image of God? - He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. There is a great deal going on in the Gospel.  The Disciples are trying to understand their role in Jesus’ mission. After all, […]
Mom and the power of the ego - “What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” MT 16:24-28 Gain the whole world and forfeit his life.  We all know those moms whose children have to be the best.  Their children are put into sports, entertainment, anything that puts the children in a position of peer focus, that […]

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