Spiritual Directors does not cure, coerce or judge, but helps you to work toward wholeness.

Spiritual Direction can and does address spiritual-emotional issues, but always in concert with Therapy or Counseling.

  • In reconciling decisions, losses, doubts
  •  Exploring life situations
  •  Prioritizing life callings
  •  Life concerns
  • Creating connections with the Divine and others
Many moms going to a Spiritual Director will also go to a therapist, pastoral counselor; and both helps them to find balance between the mind and the heart/soul.  Spiritual Direction is always about helping moms to achieve the life God wants to help us create, and for us to see those God moments in our lives both good and bad.  Spiritual Direction helps moms learn more about their spiritual self and how knowing themselves better empowers relationships, family, and calling

Thoughts of others I have worked with

Dr. William Brown, PhD– Washington DC
10479750_770483182974897_5370651985988896174_nPatty Wilson Perkowski is a warm and caring individual who brings a depth of faith to her professional life that allows her to work with people wherever they are at the moment. Her personal and work experiences have positioned her well to serve with great empathy and understanding to those who come to share their lives.”

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