Spiritual Direction Nurtures Moms

Spiritual Direction seeks to guide you toward a deeper understanding of you who truly are.
Spiritual Directors do not cure, coerce or judge, but help you to work toward wholeness
Spiritual Direction can and does address spiritual-emotional issues like:

Exploring Life Situations
Celebrating Our Calling, Our Womanhood
Reconciling decisions, losses, doubts
•  Prioritizing life callings
•  Life concerns
•  Creating connections with the Divine and others
Vocation of Motherhood:
•  Working woman: Apostle in Her Marketplace
•  Woman’s cycles of Life: Celebration of womanhood
•  Motherhood:
Priest, Prophet and Queen


How Spiritual Lives Of Women Nurtures Moms:


The Spiritual Lives Of Women Daily: Filled with resources and information to help mom Read it Here

Informational Yahoo Chat! Wednesdays  9 AM – 11 AM EST (Yahoo ID pacwp2001), , On the Yahoo! Chat where questions about motherhood and spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for reflection, or just learn more about Spiritual Direction can be asked.

Begin the exploration of Spiritual Direction by taking the Free Spiritual Gifts Assessment to learn more about one’s spiritual self and how knowing oneself better empowers relationships, family, and calling.

Than consider sessions of Spiritual Direction either online or in person

Five dollars a month will provide a mother with:

  • Spiritual Mom’s Nurturing Kit
  • Email Weekly Encouragement Valentine for Moms.
  • Living Love Cards
  • Newsletter
  • Pod casts Chocolate for the Mothers Soul
  • Online/Offline Workshops
  • Online/Offline Seminars



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