A Young Mom/Woman, New Life 

My story is one so many moms face. 

I was a newly married new mom with a honeymoon baby in a new city, knowing no one, and I felt extremely isolated.  Before when I felt like that I would seek out the support of other moms 


I was seeking support that was very similar to the support I had before my new life. I was always involved with Catholic groups and truly enjoyed my time with them.  I knew I wanted to find the support I received in those earlier groups.  What I was finding were groups for young unmarried women or bible studies that did not concentrate on supporting motherhood. Now my focus and needs were changing.  I craved more than a bible study.  I wanted encouragement for my new life, my vocation, who I was becoming!  

Seeking Spiritual Support

I wanted young moms, older moms who were going through the same experience: finding my place as a mother, wife, and spiritual/faithful person, without losing myself as a person/a woman.

I found an ecumenical group of mothers/women who had created a supportive community that understood the great spiritual power mothers could tap into when connected with God and their faith. The group was not a parenting group; it was a faith-affirming group: Yes, your life has changed, but you will see you have been given so much more.

Generations Of Moms And Expressions Of Mothering

There were women in the group dealing with the same issues I was finding; how difficult it was to find time for God. They expressed what I was experiencing; He was taking a back seat, and they missed their time in prayer.

Looking at how the world pitted working moms and stay-at-homes against each other and its fostering of derision. We worked to support both types of mothering because while unique, are exactly the same in their vocation and passionate about their families and seeking how to fulfill God’s call.

This lead us to the importance of balancing the spiritual with the daily. To thrive, we need to care for the self and the soul.  If we do not care for our soul we become devoid of compassion. Not caring for our bodies, we do not have the energy it takes to be all God calls us to be.

Ways To Nurture

Finally, the group nurtured the mothering soul with retreats, workshops, and talks around the issues of mothering and finding God, uplifting us in our vocation of mothering, helping us find out who we were as these new spiritual/faithful women.


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