God Speaks To You

This blanket’s sentiment expresses what I believe is at the core of Spiritual Lives of Women‘s ministry.  Imagine the message on the blanket was written by God especially to you! When it says fate’s whispering, hear God saying to you do not need to fear because He has given you the tools and power to not be overwhelmed.  He wants you to remember whose daughter you are: HIS. That is why you can say: “I am the storm.” The crown that is mentioned is YOUR crown: the crown of the Royal Priesthood, (1Peter 2:9), Baptismal crown as Priest, Prophet, and Queen, (CC 1213), crown as the beloved Daughter of God, (John 1:12).  To make sure you are not alone He has called many to support you on your spiritual journey, that is the big hug mentioned

God Creates Women Uniquely And Equally

God created you, every woman, with unique gifts and talents, a unique spiritual nature that connects you to the creative powers, nurturing aspects of God and the world around you. He has a calling for each of us to use our unique gifts and talents. In our lives, we will answer many callings.  Callings can and often do co-exists, nurse/mother, business owner/mother, stay-at-home mom.  We can be called to be mothers,  spiritual mothers, but everyone is asked to join in the lifework of service, to guide, to forgive. This work requires creative power, nurturing nature, and it defines the vocation of motherhood/spiritual motherhood/womanhood. 

Baptismal Roles And Vocation

Let’s look at the roles, (vocation), of motherhood and see how neatly they fit into our Baptismal roles.  A mother is called to nurture and protect her children, (Priest), to help form values, (Queen), to be a major influence on emotional and spiritual development, (Priest/Queen), to educate children in the faith, life, (Prophet).  But these roles are used by every woman: A Priest is one who mediates, nurtures, encourages, prays.  Prophets understand the now and work/look toward a positive future.  And Queens create the culture of their lives, gather resources, and protect those entrusted to them.

Taking it even one step deeper, each role brings with it how mothers/women should care for themselves.  Before you can accept the  Great Yes of your life, you must first be ready and willing to accept it.  God wants you to understand your limits, set appropriate boundaries, care for yourself.  One of the biggest pitfalls moms fall into is that they must put themselves, and sometimes even the marriage, last and their children first. Why is that so?

“I Am Only Mom” Becoming the Role, Losing The Person

For some, it comes from the belief that the children are the significant focus of our vocation as Mother. That creates “I am only mom” thinking which leads to perfectionism, which often comes from fear; and all of that makes it is too easy to become the role of mom and lose yourself.  “I am only mom” thinking puts moms out of balance.

God created the roles of Priest, Prophet, Queen, so you will be less likely to lose yourself, but be able to take greater care of yourself to be ready for what life has for you, deepening the partnering with your spouse, have children as part but not the only focus of your calling. God knows that self-care is not self-indulgence, it is incorporated into the role of Queen.  He knows without proper rest, rejuvenation, renewal, you cannot fully say YES.  Together, you and God can create balance, peace, and weather any storm.

Rejuvenate, Renew, Recreate

No matter where you are in your life rejuvenation, renewal, recreation is essential for you to create the life you and God calls for you.  Spiritual direction is a tremendous help. Explore what Spiritual Lives Of Women can help you by starting here.

Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski Creator Of Spiritual Lives Of Women

Spiritual Lives of Women understands how challenging it is to be called to motherhood, to live out womanhood because I am a mother: Patricia-Ann Constance-Wilson Perkowski.  My calling begins as a Social Worker, working with Catholic Social Services.  Feeling God calling me to more I became a spiritual director, is one since 1998, from the Institute For Spiritual Direction, St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt, Michigan.  Having a deep feeling that mothers were not receiving the spiritual support they needed, I chose to work exclusively with Moms/Women since 2000.  All of this: my professional and personal experiences, my calling from God, and my feeling for mothers/women had me creating Spiritual Lives Of Women. For moms/women to not just survive, but THRIVE in their vocation. I incorporate the teachings of the Catholic Church along with the principles of Ignatian spirituality into Spiritual Lives Of Women, so mothers/women will be ready to understand and live out their calling from God.  Because God loves us and wants only the best for us and from us.


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