For $15.00 dollars a month learn more about Spiritual Lives Of Women through these materials:

Begin the exploration of Spiritual Direction by taking the Spiritual Gifts Assessment to learn more about your spiritual self and how knowing yourself better empowers relationships, family, and calling Go deeper in your motherhood with God by:
Informational Yahoo Chat! Wednesdays 9 AM – 11 AM EST (Yahoo ID pacwp2001).  On Yahoo! Chat ask questions about motherhood and spirituality, children’s spiritual development, finding time for reflection, or just learn more about Spiritual Direction.Than consider sessions of Spiritual Direction either online or in person • Mommy Mantra:  A journey through the Spirituality of Motherhood by examining major Scripture concepts.  Each cards asks mom to take time out of her day to sit with God for five minutes; that is how long each card is designed to take, just enough time for a cup of coffee and God.

• Kiaros for Mothers: A self-paced program that is divided into three parts: Transformation, Seeking and Creating.  Each “week” is designed to bring us from original sin to the Glory of God in our lives.   There is a video mediation, Scripture passage, journal question and spiritual exercise to help mom understand the spiritual nature of motherhood and her relationship with God.  Each “week” ends with a spiritual direction session to help mom “put it all together.”

• Living Love:  A program to help moms create the world they hope to have for their families, one where love is a focus.

• The Spirituality of Motherhood: This is where we learn how God has affected our motherhood and how our motherhood has affected our relationship with God

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