Love and Logic

I have humbled him, but I will prosper him.  Reading 1 HOS 14:2-10

don't blame dayThis verse reminds me of incidents with our children.  My husband and I have parented our children in the vein of Love and Logic.  “Love and Logic is a philosophy founded in 1977 by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D.  Love and Logic allows children to grow through their mistakes; helps teach parents how to allow their children to live with the consequences of their choices.”  In this first reading today we see that Israel is being asked by God to do exactly that: Live with the consequences of their action and choices; while God is, like a loving parent, letting Israel learn from the life experience, waiting, teaching, and forgiving.

Mistakes, negative choices are part of a child’s growing experiences. When this happens we often feel overwhelmed and so guilt ridden that we forget we are called to be Priest, Prophet, Queen/King; roles that we are Baptised to be, roles that us help help our children to prosper; by being Nurturer, Teacher, Sovereign. Love and Logic gives parents tools in working with children, tools that helps us be back in control, help us teach our children to be responsible, and prepares our young people to live in the real world, with its many choices and consequences.  God gives us an example of Divine Love and Logic.  He takes back Israel: “Forgive all iniquity, and receive what is good”.  And that philosophy is reflected in this verse.  We humble ourselves by our sinning.  Those negative consequences, sinning, we choice, separates us from God and others, but if we work to grow through our mistakes God will prosper us.  And if God does that for us, shouldn’t we do the same with our children, and ourselves.

In the year of Mercy let’s practice forgiving all our iniquities so we can forgive our children. After all aren’t we children of God? Has God repeatedly shown in His Word that He always forgives us?  Don’t we, like Israel in today’s reading, act as children act when we knowing disregard God’s rules, boundaries and consequences that keep us safe, to prosper us?   Shouldn’t we ask forgiveness?

Let’s receive all that is good when we accept God’s love.



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