Solidarity February 26, 2014

12509223_10153548787927632_3486538030755249571_nKatniss Everdeen holds up her hand to show solidarity.  Look at her fingers: three fingers – the Trinity.

It makes using this picture poetic.  By standing with other moms in prayer is to stand in solidarity with them.  It is one important way to help moms feel less spiritually isolated, overcome, overburdened.

There are very busy mom’s who fall into several categories:

  • Moms  who fall in the “OMG how did I get to be this busy” category.
  • Moms who chauffeur their little guys to games.
  • Older moms who are wrangling teens and working to keep body and soul alive.
  • And the category I believe all moms fall into, the: If I add one more thing to my schedule Lord I will explode!

Starting this Friday  let us lift each other up, ask St Rita of Cascia, (an Italian widow, and Augustinian nun) to stand with us and pray with us.

If you are comfortable let us know what you need, feel free to just say special intentions, God knows what you/we need.


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