But he got more than I did!

Image result for gentle wisdom“The Kingdom of heaven is like a landowner….”  Landowner, landowner, how does that have anything to do with being a mom?  If we look at our Baptismal roles: Priest – Nurturer, Prophet – First Teacher, Queen – Sovereign, Guide; we can see how landowner might fit.

We have children, who like the day labourers come to us at different times in our lives.  they bring out of us different talents and attributes we thought we never had.   Look at what happens to the day laborers, they each get what they need, but they grumble when they see the others getting exactly the same thing.  But are they?

We provide for our children the things they basically need: food, shelter, love, protection.  The things they personally need we give them as they need them. Just as God does with each of the day labourers. What may not look like justice to one sibling; a special needs child getting “more attention” may be just what is needed.  Like Jesus, we must look after each person in our charge as they are, giving them exactly what is needed.

The more we are generous with our love, self, and calling the more we give.

Gentle Wisdom, Mother of God, be with us all today as we find ways to give to each of our “day labourers” what they need.

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