Spiritual Desert

The readings this week are all about how God feeds us.  Sunday and today, the first readings revisit the Manna in the desert.  The Sunday Gospel has Jesus saying I just feed you guys and still you don’t get it!  Today, he is feeding the crowd with the same five loaves and two fishes.  The Chruch is telling us that being feed is important.  Well, any mom would say, Duh!  But every mom would also say it’s what you eat that’s more important.

We spend our whole lives feeding our family.  First it begins with those toddler “bird feeders”: these little bowls filled with raisins/Cheerios/cubed cheese/cut small fruit; all in an attempt to keep our children feed well.  As our children grow older we set rules about what is appropriate for snacks and desert in hopes of teaching our children good eating habits.  Then as they have left the nest we worry/hope/pray we have done our best to teach them how to eat well and for health.

In a similar way it is the same with our spirits as well.  Mass/Daily Mass/reading the readings are the bird feeder, giving us strength for the day.  In all the readings God/Jesus instructs the multitude is like setting rules about what we consume, especially our eyes.  Spiritual consumption is equally important because we eat with our eyes first.  There have been studies done that too much news/gossip/reality shows can warp our perception of the world, our place in and the overall goodness of people; so limiting our time with desert viewing keeps our souls healthy and trim.   So I wonder: Is God our Father, in heaven worrying/hoping that we have caught on to all He has been teaching us about eating healthy spiritual food?

This week is the Great Discourse of the Body and Blood.  It might be interesting to think of food as a way to feed the soul as well.

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