See even spiritual directors don’t have this spiritual stuff down yet.

A Pontifical Sung Mass at the close of the Mid...

A Pontifical Sung Mass at the close of the Middle Ages or early Renaissance (15th century) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many of us are guided by the Spirit? I know I wish I would feel freer to be so.

For me, being guided by the Spirit means that I spend a few minutes in the morning praying about my day.  Doing the Morning Examen.  I have often thought I was born 800 years too early.  In the time, I live now being prayerful often gets you pegged as being a religious loon.

I know I am not alone.  There are so many who are holding back simply because of a fear, a fear of being different, fear of being confident to be prayerful, dare I say religious.  Please, my dear fellow moms I am not talking about someone sanctimonious!  I have no interest in that.  For me, it is letting spiritual aspect of my nature come to the fore much more than I allow it.  I don’t want to preach on a street corner, or make people feel uncomfortable with me.  Or appear like a stuffed shirt.  No!  Jesus was none of those.  He enjoyed a good wine, a fine dinner with friends, hung out with the rowdy crowd.  Geez, some of his inner circle were the rowdy bunch!

Jesus was no stuffed shirt, but you knew where he stood.  He was very clear about who he was and what he was doing.  He and His Father talked all the time.

Now, if I were living in the Middle Ages, going to Mass every day, being prayerful, setting life around a religious calendar would be the norm.  There are times when I think I would love to be cloistered, but only for a little bit.  So, maybe, for me this is a seeking of bring the aspects of monastic life that I love in balance with the life and family I love.

So, this week my dear fellow moms: May you be empowered by the Spirit to become who you are called to be.

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Is a spiritual director working helping moms find God in the everyday. She has been a spiritual director since 1998: worked as a Director of Religious Education for Holy Cross Parish(2000-2005), was Director of Project Rachel, a healing ministry for Post Abortive women(1999-2000). Patty worked a social worker for Catholic Social Services (1988 - 1995) Then studied for spiritual direction at the Dominican Center of Religious Studies, DeWitt Michigan

She is married 20 years and has four children

She has a BS/BA in social work from Aquinas College, CSD Certified Spiritual Director

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