The Emperor was always naked: Duggar truama

Social Media has been a buzz with the Duggars.  Much of what I have read has been quite angry, and I think, in most part, that anger is well felt.  There are the loyal fans who feel betrayed.  Who feel as if they have been duped.  They wonder if the message they saw as being projected by the Duggars was actually what was being preached.

On the other spectrum there are those of us, I count myself in this group, who never jumped on the Duggar bandwagon felt a sense of justice finally done.  For myself from the beginning the Duggars made my skin crawl and when a commercial would come on I would demand that whoever had the remote MUST CHANGE THE CHANNEL NOW!  I even prayed about why I felt so vehemently opposed to them, and what I received was the thought that they were “evil”.

Since the news of Josh Duggar has come to light each day, we learn more and more about the family.  Each day there is more discussion.  I wanted to try and to be as gentle as I could when addressing the subject, so I include a Facebook post and response between J.K and myself

J.K. Response to my original Facebook post: I don’t trust anyone who needs to keep telling people, “I’m a Christian.” I will know who you are by your behavior & your integrity. You will show me who you are …

My response to her: J. K., unfortunately, the Duggars were, have been, showing us all along who they are/were/will be. They were showing us by their actions/reactions the type of society they wish to build: one in which the old testament understanding of women as evil prevail. One in which men are deemed master over women, which explains why Josh is being revered almost praised for his actions, and the girls ignored.

For the Duggars, proclaiming they are Christian is saying to the rest of the world that they are marked for special favour in the eyes of the Lord while we are condemned. Their arrogance, though they will tell you they are humble people, really (?), do humble people exploit their children, life by being on TV as a self-proclaimed shining example of good Christian living, but as the Old Testament says: pride cometh before a fall.

We have seen weekly their behaviour and integrity. All of it based on the attitude of our cruel god is better than your forgiving, all merciful God. They have told us by their actions that we should repent and start living as they do. As for their integrity. Integrity is usually defined as admitting one’s fault and not shifting blame. Many would say Josh has done that, good for him. He has, but what of the girls? How are they being treated with integrity? Here is where another meaning can be explored. The Duggar world view of women bad, men, not just good but masterfully perfect, will have them demanding the girls forgive their brother and nothing more. In fact, we have learned that their parents believe the girls do not “need” counseling. Here the second part of the definition of doing the right thing is not expressed. They do not believe the girls need anything and from my work experience, they will be annoyed at the least and downright angry at most when the girls do show emotional/spiritual wounding.

Now on our part. We, right now are angry. Many loyal fans feel betrayed. Many, like myself who never jumped on the band wagon, feel, and here I am guilty, feel a sense of justice. We can now speak what we have known in our hearts: the emperor was naked all along.

But we should not be gleeful at their fall, for pride goeth before a fall.

We should pray and pray hard for them because many/all of us have skeletons in our closet.

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