Lone Blue Polar Bear

IMG_20150430_091052_253Here is the orphan Christmas Exchange Ornament, which I have adopted by default.  This poor little guy was the ornament nobody wanted.  He was passed around as if he were made of kryptonite.  I made a huge show of being Vanna White and displaying him as if he were the grand prize, but NOBODY wanted him.  So, he had to come home with me.

This ornament that I found too whatever was a favourite of a very dear mommy friend.  I was embarrassed after I jokingly told her how ho-hum it was.  Her face was downcast when she told me she thought it was the cutest thing.  Oh Lord, save me from my mouth!

I took this guy home and thought about him for a while.  Why was he so unwelcome by me?  That had quite a bit of resonance with me.  I could hear my husband saying: “God loves them all.”  He says this to me whenever I grumble unfairly about someone.  And here was Blue Polar Bear laying on my dining room table.  Was he condemning me, or reminding me?

Now all these months later I look at Blue Polar Bear very differently. He reminds me that God loves us all.   He insists that I pray for those moms who need love and support.

Today, when I look at him, I see all the mom friends in my life.  I hear their spoken and unspoken stories: Good, triumphant, worrying, painful, and bring them to my private prayer space and talk to God about how much I wish for their healing and Divine support.

Blue Polar Bear may have reluctantly come into my home, but he does not live with the other Christmas ornaments in a box in the attic.  No, Blue is there every morning on my dresser, insisting I remember: God loves them all.



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