Go Boldly Proclaim You Are a Mom

fbcid374878961-73727314-hqAren’t we, as moms, reborn when we have our children? So many times I have heard fellow mom friends say that they see the world anew through their children’s eyes.

As I have said, many times becoming a new mom isn’t always convenient.  But why not go boldly into that new role?  The TV show Teen Moms is a good example of young moms taking difficult situations and trying to turn them around.

Yes, our lives change.  Yes, we are given more responsibility.  Yes, it sometimes sucks.  Yes, it is often filled with great joy.  Yes, it is often filled with moments of unbound pride in ourselves and our family. So, why not boldly proclaim that you are a mom!  Why not look at all the blessings!

As my mom used to say: “Children are coming into your life, you are not going into theirs.”  It is part of being Priest, Prophet, and Queen. We nurture, we teach, we guide.  Let’s not lose ourselves in those roles and forget that God has given us talents, gifts and callings.  We may have to modify our idea of how our lives would go, but God DOES not want us to forget his plan for us.  God has promised us that His plans are so much bigger and better than we could up with.

Be bold, look for those opportunities to use all we have been given to become completely involved with life, our community, our God.

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