Family Meal becomes a continuous meal until Easter

11082292_897042606985620_4754199338472871652_oImagine how different Good Friday night dinner would be if it became traditional in Catholic/Christian families to conduct the meal very much as the Seder of our Jewish brothers and sisters.  If the youngest child were to ask: “Father why is this Friday different from all other Fridays?”

This new tradition would have to begin with the meal of Holy Thursday.  And like the Liturgy of Holy Thursday which does not end until Easter Sunday; Note: Did you notice that at the Holy Thursday Liturgy there was no dismal (?), our meal would be continuous.  As a family entering in the Triduum mood by remembering that God gives all things we need for our bodies. That Jesus shared a meal with those who were like family to him: His Disciples.  Remembering that even if one betrays you, hurts you, or disobeys you that you are called to mercy.  That together you and God have embarked on your mission using your gifts and talents.  Then on Good Friday’s meal the question of why is this Friday different from all others becomes a way for the family to explore the meaning of Christ’ death and its effect on our lives.

How would those dinners help with your spirituality, your children’s spirituality.  Making the activity of colouring Easter Eggs have a great, deeper meaning if at first we spent time as a family with Jesus and his passion, death and resurrection.


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