Spiritual Expectation too high

Today’s Verse Before The Gospel: Hail to you, our King; you alone are compassionate with our faults.

Alright my fellow faith filled moms tell me if this rings true:  You don’t always feel like God is compassionate with your faults. We are so close to Easter, how has your Lent been.  Did you do all the things that you set out to do way back Ash Wednesday, February 18?  Me neither.

In many ways this Lent has been a bust. While I have gone to Mass far more than I ever have, I haven’t gone every day.  I have tried to keep up a healthier lifestyle, but while on a trip with my husband I blow some of the diet.  And as for my calling. Don’t ask, I will start to cry.

It all comes down to what do you want, and what does God want for you.  Ok, Lent didn’t go actually the way you/I wanted. But there were times of great grace, we, you and I,  just forgot to look for them.  Or if we did see them we dismissed them.

Look at the word compassion:  Com = to bear with, passion; isn’t that what Jesus has been showing us all this Lent.  That he knows, understands and bears with us the frustration, sorrow we feel when we just haven’t met the mark?

Jesus went to  pray, while praying beg God to let this cup pass, to allow him out of dying on the cross.  Just as we do when we are confronted with things we do not want to do, but know we must.   He knew his resolve was weakening, and asks God to give him the strength to do what he must.  Just as we do when our resolve slacks; only in our humanness we may just allow the resolve to go altogether and go back to the bad habit; Jesus shows us we can fight that urge.

He is saying for us to not look at what we could not do, but what we were able to do and build on that.  Not to set the spiritual bar so high we cannot reach it, but to set it high enough that reaching it will be an accomplishment.  To not get wrapped up in the idea that this Lent was a failure, there is always time to answer God’s call in our lives to change for the better.

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