To those who were convinced of their own righteousness

From a fellow Mom.  This goes under the file heading: For those who have eyes and can see, ears and can hear:

“You know what I’d really like? That would be to stop comparing the sexes. Whatever you excel at? Excel at that shit! If you need help, ask. Keep my genitals out of it. My daughters’ parts have nothing to do with it. Your sons’ parts have nothing to do with it. If you fancy it–you got it; if you don’t–you don’t. My brother will shame you all with everything you ever knew about plants and gardens. My niece will shame you with everything you thought you ever knew mechanical. Own your own space. Now. “~Julie Schelter Speckin

I believe that Julie is speaking a truth here.  If Jesus were on Facebook, I know with all my soul He would have posted that, or something very similar.  Doesn’t it say in Galatians 3:28: There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus?  And today’s Gospel Jesus looks at those who are so righteous they believe don’t have body odor as downright sinful.  If as our Baptismal Roles commands us: Priest = Nurture, Prophet = First Teacher, Queen = Sovereign; isn’t it our duty to raise our children in the full knowledge that God has given them gifts and talents that know NO gender.  If we confine our children to what we think is what society wants girls to do and what boys can do, than we fail the world and God.

Moms, WE are co-creators of society.  By the very fact that God has made us women, that women and only women can give birth, we ARE co-creators with God and if that is true = we co-creator society!

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