International Women’s Day: Or Don’t You Dare Forget Mom

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This is International Women’s Day and you see so many Tweets, Facebook, Blog posts on the subject. This is an important day. But we should not just focus on the famous, or the troubled; but we must honor all women. To often during times like these we forget the vocation, work and struggle of moms. I am tired of that. One of Saint Pope John Paul II’s greatest concerns was: a belief that modern societies were denigrating motherhood and penalizing women who chose to have children.”

We must honour the calling every mom has.
We must honour that only moms can bear life
We must honour that mothers are co-creators with God
We must honour that moms as co-creators, creates society
We must honour that moms are important for the strength of society
We must honour that moms teach, nurture, guide society through their teaching, nurturing, guiding of their children
We must honour that moms need support, protection

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