The Spirituality of Talking to Myself

This morning I woke up with a headache that I knew would turn into a migraine.  I felt horrible,  so I sit and berated myself.

Inner me: I really screwed up.

Self: Why do you think that way?

IM: Because I am not at Mass, my head hurts

S: OK, why does that make you a screw up?

IM: Like everyone will judge me.

S: Judge you for what?

IM: Not going to Mass.  I am breaking my Lenten promise.

S:  Not so sure that is true.

IM: Grumble

S: Do you just want to wallow?

IM: Humphf

S:  Let’s turn this on it’s head and look at what is really going on

IM: Yeah I’m failing!

S: Really? You think so?  Let’s look at this as a way of God saying that it is OK to care for yourself.  Lent is not over.  Also look at the other things that are happening.  You have set yourself a promise to care for yourself, reduce your weight, and you are dealing with the hunger pangs, portion control and you are successfully challenging your old thoughts about food.  You are someone who does not change routines easily and here God has called to do something so out of your comfort zone.  It is a better day than you are willing to allow yourself to think/see/be.



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