Sometimes a little spiritual flexibility is needed

Am I the only one at Mass this morning?

This morning is clear, the sun beautiful, but it is still very cold.   It’s Monday morning and like most people I would rather be in my warm bed extending the weekend’s casual relaxed nature then get up and get going.; but get up I do guided by my Lenten promise and my hope for great change.

In the past I would have succumb to my more slack nature, but this Lent I am determined to change, grow, become stronger and healthier in body, mind and Spirit.  It is important for me to finally let go of the past, family of origin hurts; hurts that shaped me and therefore my family, my motherhood in spiritual lies. It’s time to let the lies go.

I rushed out of bed, did all I needed to and headed off to Mass.  I was running late.  I drove into the parking lot.  No cars. What, maybe I’m the only one?!

I walked toward the chapel and heard nothing.  Peaked into the window of the chapel door.  Saw no-one.  It wasn’t until I grabbed a bulletin that I read no Mass on Monday at 8 AM.

Did I wake up for nothing?  No, it’s God’s way of strengthening my spiritual muscles.  Work them every day, and you will become more able to be flexible and roll with the punches.

Well, there is Noon Mass.

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