God plants seeds of greatest in us as we fast

I slept through my morning alarm and had to go to Noon Mass.  There is a difference between the early morning Mass and noon.  Noon Mass has more people.  It is heart warming to see so many people in church: Moms with small children, families, suits, older people, older/younger couples, college students.

The Rector is often the celebrant of the noon Mass and I love his homilies, but miss the intimacy of Mass in the Tabernacle Chapel. The centre of the both readings was fasting.  Isaiah speak of fasting that God would find acceptable as actions that focus on others, and Matthew discussion on fasting begins with the disciples of John approaching Jesus and ask: “Why do we and the Pharisees fast much, but your disciples do not fast?”  Jesus explains that there is a time for fasting and feasting.  We fast to bring the Kingdom of God to earth and when that is accomplished we can feast.

We fast to bring focus off ourselves and unto others: prayer, alms giving.  We fast to strengthen our virtues and reduce our vices: eating less to control gluttony, raising early to go to Mass to reinforce disciple.  As we fast we find lives become more heart focused and not so head focused.

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