Final Christmas Hooray

I would love to know how many do this for Epiphany: giving one small final gift. For me this is an English/Irish tradition. Epiphany was when gifts were given,the wrap was always silver or gold.

It’s a tradition I brought to our marriage, it will help when, or if, we have in-law-children: can’t make Christmas? There is always Epiphany!

Some of the replies I received:
Jennifer Hofelich-Sanders: We do – our little ones got new slippers for winter and a new religious book.
Jennifer Kropp Denman: We do.
Monica O’Shea: We do this- “La Befana” in the Italian culture- visits children on epiphany and leaves each child a gift.
Donna Queen: Good idea-it makes the season last longer and can help teach the kids why we celebrate so long.
Elizabeth Welch Johnson: We don’t do that, but I like it.

So what about you? Share your Epiphany traditions in the comments

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