I’m stressed all the time!

Mommy Mantra, January 2, 2015: 1 John 2:22-28, John 1:19-28

The First Reading asks who is the lair, anyone who denies God/Christ, in the Gospel Jesus is threateningly asked who he was. Like many of us I take time to scan my Facebook. This morning I came across a mom who seems to be ” stressed all the time for no good reason.”

I have worked with many moms and know that there is often a reason for the stress.

One reason we often feel stress is that we focus and dwell on issues from our past, these are issues we have not resolved, unresolved because of fear. It is this fear that causes us to forget who we are: Beloved adopted Children of God.

Fear makes us hide, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. We hid from the sacraments that can help free us from this stress by bringing us back to God.

Today let’s pray for all those moms who are struck by fear and stress, who have forgotten who they are.

Here is a wonderful article by Catholic Sistas on the topic.

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