I found this post on my timeline on Facebook:

I truly believe many people would be measurably happier in their own lives if they spent as much time caring about their own lives as they do the lives of celebrities.

Why do we fixate on celebrities?  That is complicated.  For many it has to do with fear: Fear of success.  Fear of others opinion of what they are doing.  Fear of criticism. Fear traps us.  Fear is also additive, lolling us into a false security.  Fear makes us believe that if we don’t do anything we feel called to do than we can’t do anything wrong and no-one will judge us; and by not being judged we  won’t feel badly about ourself.   Fear is like a small child clinging to our legs, begging us not to change because change is terrifying.  So, we look outward for the life we want.  We want that life, but we are afraid to do what it takes to get it.  Or we do just enough to start and because it didn’t happen overnight we stop and say very smugly: Well, that’s it we couldn’t do it, woe is us.

We look at the celebrities and pretend they are us.  We imagine their lives are so important. Ours are not.  We imagine that their lives are prefect.  Ours are not.   So, we allow fear to lie to us.  Like a jealous lover it will say anything to us to keep us.  But what fear tells us are the lies that we are not important, that our lives are not important.  Fear tells us that celebrities are so important that their lives are prefect, no-ones life is prefect.

The most important question to ask ourselves is do we want to change.  Do we want the life we feel called to have, or are we in denial about how much we want a life lived large?

If we want to be more than a celebrity watcher than we look at what the fear is, what is says to us about what we are called to change:

  • Recognize Fear as a Sign of Your Growth
  • Change Your Attitude
  • Turn Your Fear into a Question
  • Surround Yourself With Powerful Thinkers/Read Powerful Books, Blogs, Material
  • Think Bigger

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