Reblogging: Humanity: Something We All Should Be Concerned About

Did you know that in Tanzania, people who have Albinism, (commonly know as ‘Ablbino’), are segregated, brutalized, sexually assaulted, or even murdered. ~ from HODGEPODGE 4 THE SOUL™   I didn’t either.

As a woman and a mom I am speaking to you fellow mom, fellow believer.  We are all connected one to the other by the simple fact that God wants us to be so: The Greatest Commandment, so, it important for us to learn about the world around, and not just the issues that shout the loudest, but the quiet/silent ones.

It seems that in Tanzania there is a great deal of fear and superstition about the “other.”  In a population where there is little opportunity for education superstition fills in the gaps, and here the idea of those who have Albinism as the “other” is an ancient one.  And by making them the “other” it allows people to treat them as non-human.  Those with Albinism have been raped and killed.  The tradition has it that the skin, body parts of someone with Albinism is very powerful for shamanistic arts.

So, is God calling you to take some action on this cause?

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