St. Dominic–priest propagated devotion to the Rosary

Dominic was born in Caleruega,he was named after Saint Dominic of Silos, who is said to be the patron saint of hopeful mothers. Not much is known of Dominic’s parents, but there is an interesting story of Dominic’s birth. The story is told that before his birth his barren mother made a pilgrimage to Silos and dreamed that a dog leapt from her womb carrying a torch in its mouth, and “seemed to set the earth on fire”. This story is likely to have emerged when his order became known, and it was a play on his name, which became the name of the order:¬†Dominican order, which is Dominicanus in Latin interpreted as Domini canis: “Dog of the Lord.”

The spread of the Rosary is attributed to the preaching of St. Dominic. The Rosary has for centuries been at the heart of the Dominican Order. Pope Pius XI stated that: “The Rosary of Mary is the principle and foundation on which the very Order of Saint Dominic rests for making perfect the life of its members and obtaining the salvation of others.”

For those moms interested in the Lay Dominican Order

Fifty-four day novena of the rosary

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