Invisible Mom

invisible-hidden-mother- Look very closely at this picture.

This doleful little girl isn’t standing by a chair but she is in a formal with her mother.  I have no idea how this became the fashion, or what the thought was behind the fashion.

These pictures came to mind when I read the Gospel this morning.  As moms we can become someone invisible, someone so familiar, someone routinely there.

MATTHEW Chapter 13: 58:“A prophet is not without honor except in is native place and in his own house.”  Speaks of how Jesus in his own hometown, just that kid Jesus, no-one quite sees him as the healer, teacher, worker of miracles; he is just Jesus.invisible-hidden-mother-photography 1

In exasperation I know I have said: “OK, no-one ______________, I am JUST a mom.

Maybe we would should flip this on it’s head.  God sees us and what we do for our family, or work, our community.  Maybe it is also a reminder that we should look at the everyday to see God in the invisible.

This is the site where I found this interesting photos.

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