Isn’t it easier for us to confront, question, have a deep conversation with someone we know so intimately?

Mommy Mantra July 29, 2014: Memorial of Saint Martha
If you read the first few verses of Jer 14:17-22: “Let my eyes stream with tears day and night, without rest…” In the first reading Jeremiah laments over the sins of Israel and worries that God has abandoned the nation.
JN 11:19-27 or Luke 10:38-42 are the options for the Gospel today. Both of them are stories of Martha and Mary. The first relates the death of Lazarus and how Jesus raises his dear friend from the dead, and the second of how Mary gets all the pleasure of spending time with Jesus while Mary has done all the work.
Doesn’t it sound like life of a mom. We mourn over troubles, situations, and trails of mothering. Haven’t we all lost beloved family members and wish they could be with us on more time? For us as moms, especially those of us who have lost our mothers, we want our greatest supporter, source of wisdom, source of love with us once more to give us the strength we need.
And the story of Martha missing spending time with Jesus that is in Luke, isn’t that something we have felt ourself: I have kids now and no time for God.
Today we remember Saint Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus, we understand Martha because she, like us, is an “ordinary” woman, maybe a mom we don’t know, seeking God during her life. We can relate to her because she asks Jesus how fair is it that he wasn’t there when her brother died and when Mary gets to enjoy her time when Martha has to do it all.
She is a fearless woman being able to confront Jesus with questions of personal justice. She is fearless because she has a very intimate personal relationship with Jesus. Isn’t it easier for us to confront, question, have a deep conversation with someone we know so intimately?
Today let’s pray for such a comfortable intimate relationship with Jesus that we can ask those “what the what” questions and demand satisfaction.

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