Spiritual Question to Ponder: Valued Reason

Yesterday’s Gospel Jesus speaks for the merchant who sells everything to buy the great pearl, the farmer who finds treasure in a field who also sells everything to buy it, and the fishermen who hauled in every type of fish and works to provide the best, every example of someone who gives up everything they had to obtain the greater prize.

How many of us say: “I would give anything for_____________.”  Often these types of questions are flippant.  I wold give anything for a cool drink, said on a hot day.  I would give anything for you kids to be quiet, said by a mom in desperate need for some quiet time.

In this Sunday’s Gospel that question of “I would give anything for” was said by those who see the great benefit of the pearl, the field, haul of expensive fish, and that value was well known: I would give anything to know Jesus, obtain the Kingdom, be a better a person.

So, what is your: I would give anything.

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