Mommy Mantra July 7, 2014: Today let’s pray for the miracle.

Mommy Mantra July 7, 2014: Matthew 9:18-26. The woman who reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and the little girl who has died, but Jesus says is merely sleeping.  We can clearly see the faith of the woman with hemorrhages and the faith of the father whose child has died, but its the girl I am thinking about.

There are all kinds of people in that house. Why are they there? It’s more like a party than a wake. These people seem more like hangers on, the kind of people who don’t know when to leave. They are there for their own agenda, not to help the father, pray for the girl, or just be supportive.

They are like the kind of people who are in our lives. Making comments about what we are doing. Acting in ways so out of character for the situation. They barge in and take over without even looking at what needs to be done, or what is going on. They aren’t there to help and Jesus sees that and kicks them all out so he can do his work.

Still they must have been near by because they are close enough to know what’s going on and make comments on what Jesus is doing. Correcting Jesus. Ridiculing him. That is until the girl awakes and suddenly they knew Jesus was creating a miracle all along.

We don’t need these disparaging, disapproving, judgmental people in our lives. Jesus knew their energy, vibe, attitude was going to get in the way of the miracle he was creating. Just like he, we must get rid ourselves of the people set out to distract us, criticize, judge us and replace them with peace in our minds and souls so Jesus can do his miracle creation in us.


Today let’s pray for the miracle.

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