This is extremely important. He had to learn! He isn’t doubting Thomas. He is learning Thomas.

Project 7 3 2014 smAn addendum to Thomas.

All day I have been dealing with these thoughts rolling around in my head; so I thought I would let them out.

Earlier I wrote about Thomas and comparing his experience with those of our children learning to navigate the world. In that comparison I used the words “quell fear”; those are the words that have been rolling around in my head, the words I feel complied to expand upon.

You see Thomas wasn’t with the others when Jesus first showed himself and I don’t think it was doubt he was expressing but fear.

Doubt for me always held a bit of a lie in it. Because to doubt you have to mistrust the thing or person and I can’t see Thomas, one of the Apostles, mistrusting Jesus. Or having misgivings, or apprehension, or being suspicious; all synonyms of doubt.

I feel he was more afraid that Jesus wasn’t what he thought he knew he was; why else would Jesus say: “Peace be with you?”

Jesus knew, as we learn the longer we parent, that disciples, and children, fear the new the different. But each of us, like Thomas must explore, learn and discover that new, that different, this life for ourselves.
That is what I think the Gospel’s focus is on; not the fact that Thomas doubted, but that unlike all the other disciples, and ourselves, he was not there first hand, he had to learn about what happened.

That is extremely important. He had to learn! He isn’t doubting Thomas. He is learning Thomas.

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