Whose your Elijah

Mommy Mantra June 10, 2014: There is only a handful of flour in my jar and a little oil in my jug. 1 Kings 17:12

We all have moments when our jugs run dry and our flour is at a premium. That is when we must draw on the Lord. Like the widow and her son God will send people into our lives at the right moment and the right time to say have faith.

Coming downtown today I took the bus, something that I rather enjoy, and as is the nature of riding public transportation you can’t help but over hear others conversation; so I was listening to the driver and her passenger friend.

The driver seemed to be a very interesting woman. From what I could gather she had lead a very interesting life. She told her young woman friend that she had been homeless, and did many things, as she put it: “You couldn’t believe the kind of life I lead.”

The driver and this young woman, from what I am inferring of their conversation, focused on the young woman feeling her life was hard, and the driver was saying through her life story; be patient with your life, things do get better.

You could say that the driver was this young woman’s Elijah saying to her not to be afraid, to do what she was doing: going to school, raising her young children as a single mom, and to know that God will make sure it will all work out.

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