Will you ever look at a birthday party the same way again

Photo: Spiritual Theme: Gifts<br /> And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind...Acts 2:2</p> <p>Women and men where gathered in that upper room, nervous, wondering, fearful.  How often have we as moms sat "alone" in our doubt, uncertainty, fear only to find the Holy Spirit is with us.
It’s your birthday!  The dinner table is set, your favourite meal has been made.  Friends and/or family are gathered.  Everyone sits around the table listening to funny stories of your birth, or events during the past year, touching sweet stories, shared love about you.

After the dinner is done the cake is brought out, candles ablaze, homemade or store bought, it is the yummy desert you have asked for and it is cut and shared.

Finally, the presents!  Those brightly coloured boxes, bags, or mystery shaped things all for you; those things given to you because of the love others have for you.

The gifts are things you may have asked for specifically, or that your loved ones has given you because they know you so well; your likes and dislikes, and there are the unexpected gifts you may have gotten, something that you may have never thought to get for yourself, but you love.

Now imagine Mass from today, the celebration of Pentecost.  The stories we hear, the meal we share, and today the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit.

The candles of the cake and the candles at Mass, the flames of the tongues of fire given to us from the Holy Spirit.  And the gifts; those we may have asked for specifically, those given because God knows us so well, and those we would never have known we needed.

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