How does spiritual direction work?

women praying

Listening to God, sharing sacred stories, honoring the holiness of the heart

We begin by meeting once a week for a month.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Meeting once a week helps us get to know each other and develop the trust that is needed for Spiritual Direction to be effective. After we have built trust we go to a bi-monthly meeting, and finally monthly meetings.
There is no time frame toward your goals.
It takes “as long as it takes” for us to work toward what you feel God is calling you to do, work on and create.
Evaluating your experience
Evaluating keeps us on track, helps us stay focused on your needs and goals. You may stop direction at anytime, I just ask for one last (FREE) session to learn about your experience. That helps me become a better director.
I give you “homework.” 
Because we work with spiritual issues I ask that you keep a journal. I will give you “homework” which relates to our work that session, such as: setting aside time for family prayer, or creating a sacred space for yourself

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