Mommy Mantra for October 16, 2014 Saint Hedwig

Mommy Mantra for October 16, 2013: God … will repay everyone according to his works: eternal life to those who seek … immortality. (Romans 2:5, 6-7)

St. Hedwig was to married Duke Henry of Silesia at the age of 12, and she and her husband went on to have seven children. Like any mom St. Hedwig had to find a way to balance the responsibility of children, work, (ruling a duchy) dealing with a spiritual life, while being the person God called her to be.

She certainly emulates the theme from this morning’s reading. She was a busy mom and I am sure there were days when it just didn’t work; when she felt like a one armed painter in a windstorm.  We all have those days, and like Saint Hedwig we should have faith that the next day will be better, that God has given us the tools we need to have control of our decisions and situations.

We have to remember that life is a series of troubles and triumphs. It is a marathon, with us working each day to do the best we can do. To pick ourselves up when we fall, dust ourselves off and go on.

Like any mom the way she lived her life helped formed her children, helped to shape their spirituality and their futures. Her dedication to the poor was evident when she and her husband built monasteries in which their daughter Gertrude later became abbess of one.

No family is perfect and her sons where known to be a “hand-full.”  How often Saint Hedwig must have thought she was doing something wrong, but is her success that she went on her knees to ask God if she really did something wrong or was it just her doubt, if through prayer she learned she did do something, what was it she could to do to improve her relationship with her sons, help them become better people, or to just understand their personalities?  Parenting isn’t easy, it is a learn as you go can of proportion, and Saint Hedwig was no different than we are.

We can be confident that even a Saint, someone we sometimes put onto such a pedestal that they loose all their humanity, that if she can have sons who are a hand-full than it’s OK to be a human mom too who is trying her best to be her best.


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