Spiritual Practice Tuesday: Gratitude

mottoSpiritual Practice Tuesday: Gratitude. In Scripture we see gratitude quite often; especially after someone has been healed, or a prayer answered. Break the word done to it’s component parts and you find that it means the state of being pleased, the state of thankfulness.

So who is thankful or pleased? First there is God who was pleased when we were made: Eph. 2:10. Secondly the examples of those who realized they had been healed or answered. This is an important group. These men and women understood who God/Jesus was, they got it: the giver of all good gifts.

For us to have gratitude we must acknowledge the gift and the giver.
And our gifts are not always what we expect. Some gifts come by way of lessons or situations which require us to move forward, release something giving it to God, or to gain something making us stronger. Look even closer, do you see the root of grace in gratitude?

Every Mass, every sacrament we participate in helps us build gratitude for what we have been given; even in those Mommy Moments when we step on yet another logo, or have a teen who considers chores not part of the parent child agreement.

I’ll pray for you, please pray for me


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