Are we leper number one? Or number 9…..

This Sunday’s Gospel Jesus cures ten lepers only one, the the foreigner, returns to thank Jesus for the gift of healing, and this an is given the greater gift of faith.

A friend of ours was in Mass and had a disturbing incident with two teens, and that got me to remembering my own experience but this was with a woman in her 60’s. Here is my story from a year or two ago:  My Husband Greg, the girls and I were at Mass we where sitting with a very good family friend who had a friend of hers sitting in the pew with us all. This woman who has never been married,  or had children and has been known around the parish as not a very pleasant soul was talking/whispering with our mutual friend all through Mass.  Now I am at the end of our family, sitting next to this woman, and I can hear her whispering to our mutual friend about our eldest twin (ET); now our ET is every bit an ADHD child, she is every bit a little rebellious and at the time we were, let’s just say, working on things.   This woman looks at how ET is dressed; now ET is not dressed like a promiscuous person, but she isn’t as prim or proper as our YT, youngest twin.  This woman can’t stop talking about how horrible ET must be, what bad parents we must be, all through Mass.  Well you can imagine I am a little hot I don’t hid my feelings well but this time I am trying!!!!

After Mass I ask this woman if she would mind spending a minute with me I had something I wanted to talk about. The look on her face, she was very concerned, but said yes. I told her I heard every word she had said about us and our ET, I told her she had no idea how hard it was for us to get her to Mass, that there were things she did not know about ET…and if she was truly as Christian as she kept saying she was to our mutual friend she would be saying things like I really want to pray for this family next to us…but no she choose to be something that rhymed with witch… her response: Well next time I will be sure to not say what I want out loud.  Really.  REALLY!!!!!


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