Daily Prompt: Exhale

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.

This May was our twin girls last year as High-schoolers.  Our girls are as different as night is from day, and High-school was a very different experience for each of them.  Our eldest girl has ADD, Dyslexia and can be a little intense; so High-school was something we had to endure and when it was over the pressure was/is off and she is becoming the young woman we knew she would be – so we exhaled.

Only to have to hold our breath again.  Our youngest has been the stable of all our children.  She does what she is told and has a work ethic that would make the Amish look like slackers.  This May she was involved with her last track practice when she was hit in the head by a practice discus.  She sustained a moderate concussion and it took a two good months for her to feel normal again.  This August just as college was beginning for her the headaches, dizziness, fadeout – they aren’t truly blackouts – started and she thought she had had a stroke or brain cancer.  We went to the Doctors thinking it was related to the concussion, but it wasn’t.  We began the mystical, magical medical tour; going from Doctor to Doctor, Specialist to Specialist, ruling out very scary things like: brain cancer, congenital heart defect,  but still we have no real idea what it is.   

We are still holding our breathe.


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