Mommy Mantra for October 4, 2013

jesus hugging girlMommy Mantra for October 4, 2013 … they would long ago have repented. (Luke 10:13)

I belonged to a spiritual woman’s group many years ago and it was filled with marvelous women of all ages and stages of motherhood. I belonged to this group when Greg and I were adding to our family and I remember one conversation in particular: Do I discuss my past college years with my child.

This mom had boys who were going to be in High-school that year and she wanted to warn them about using drugs, but she didn’t want to seem that she was condoning them, or that she had been a heavy drug user. Many of us warned her not to say anything, but if I were in that group now I would have responded very differently.

If I were she I would have told my sons about the drugs, and said in a way that was both cautionary and honest. This Gospel is about telling the truth, to yourself and others around you, and our stories can be a source of learning for others. In being honest we don’t have to spell out every last detail, but just enough to convey our history and show the consequences. We are after all human and sinful and frail, but God loves anyway.


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