Drama and Social Media: Spiritual Practice – Accountability

475fbefa9ebfba9233364533aafd02a3I wrote on my Facebook timeline:

It’s not just FB but Twitter, Instagram, Path, Tumbrl…I am thinking of my teen/very young adult FBers….this whole social media you should treat with a great weariness. Don’t share things that will come back to bit you….don’t think everyone is trustworthy….there should be so FEW people you share your most personal drama with, and never on social media, that you can count them on one hand. If a “good friend” of yours is spreading rumours or gossiping about you…than guess what…they aren’t your good friend!

For sometime now we have been hearing Gospels on Jesus and his preparing the disciples for his death and their mission.  One of the things Jesus had done was pair the disciples up knowing that one would keep the other accountable.  As a mom of teen-very young adult twins, who just months ago graduated from High School and of two adult men; I think about accountability all the time, mostly with our twin girls.  The age of social media has not changed human nature it has just made human nature instantaneous.  Like EVERY teen/very young adult in EVERY era there is a huge learning curve of whom to trust and why to trust them.  I don’t care if it is friends or family we must find those people who truly have our best interest at heart.

If we don’t we will run afoul and mistrust will begin to destroy our spiritual peace.  Not everything needs to be shared with everybody.


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