Mommy Mantra for September 29, 2013: Luke 9: 46-50

a little child)

Put yourself in the arms of Jesus as he lifts you up

Jesus brings young children to him and to our modern sensibility we think how cute. Not so, in Jesus’ time children were loved, yes, but they were property. Our modern idea of children and childhood would be so foreign to the people of Jesus’ time that they could not begin to understand it.

So for Jesus to call over small children and say to get to heaven you have to be like one of these, well there must have been a lot of head scratching.

Think about it. No matter the era children are by nature trusting. They blinding trust someone will feed them, cloth them, care for them. Even when this is not true and children are in homes of neglect they still trust. They trust until they learn not to.

It takes a great deal to break a child’s trust. As years go on and things happen children lose trust and it is difficult to put that genie back in the bottle.

Prayers seem to go unanswered, promises get broken so we assume no-one cares. That is broken trust when we assume no-one cares.

Jesus says be like a young child who always hopes in a better tomorrow.

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