Are you proud mom?

This woman has stolen this little girl’s joy and excitement and this little girl will walk away from this experience with the thought that somehow SHE DID something WRONG!

The announcers who saw this horrible scene did give the little girl a ball, but it was not the ball she was so excited to have caught. It was not the ball that her mom or dad urged her to try and catch. It was not the ball that as it was coming to her, the little girl had dreams of being a professional baseball player, or being interviewed by reporters at the game, or becoming the cool kid at school: No. All of that was stolen from her by this woman who was so greedy she could take a ball from a little girl.  A LITTLE GIRL.  As I posted on Facebook: Are you proud of yourself Mom…is that foul ball in a place of honour in your home, maybe the mantelpiece?

Let us pray for this woman who allowed herself to carried away by greed.

2 thoughts on “Are you proud mom?

  1. Some have said that they hope this a momentary lapse on the woman’s part, but I have worked with enough women/moms to know that this woman was acting as she would act normally.

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