Spiritual Practice Tuesday: Vision

hands around candleIf we look closely at the seven gifts: wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, piety, counsel, understanding, love of the Lord; these are all elements are needed to create a positive vision of our world.

                        • Wisdom helps us discern what resources, evidence, facts we need to create this vision.
                        • Knowledge is the actual going out and gathering all those things listed above and knowing how to put them to use.
                        • Fortitude, we need courage and patience with ourselves to not move too fast and forget things on our list, not to become too discouraged and stop just as our vision is being realized.
                        • Counsel, seeking the wisdom of others as we work toward this goal. Getting the support of our spouses, and their thoughts on how the vision should be created.
                        • Understanding how our vision will affect others in our own little world and the broader world around us.
                        • Piety: zeal, reverence, dutifulness, faith; all the things we need to give us the strength to create our vision.
                        • Finally we need love of the Lord. Not only our love for God but to remember without ceasing God’s Love For Us


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