3_jesus-womanThis is from a young mom, who is the mother of my husband’s and my newest Godson, and what she posted this morning is so in line with the Gospel theme of Sunday: The Prodigal Son with it’s themes of forgiveness, anger, jealousy and acceptance.

She writes about why must she always see postings about exploitation, cruelty, brutality! It is a great question. I want to put in my two cents: We can create the society we want to see. Those who write all the posts that Megan and I wish were not on our timelines, see the world very cynically. They have stopped believing in their own power to change the world they see. Like the elder brother of the Prodigal Son they do not see the whole picture, they focus on only what their own heart sees; in the case of the posters they only see exploitation, cruelty, brutality!

Can we begin to look at the world not cynically but with hope?

*sigh* When I log in to Facebook, I don’t want to be bombarded with depressing/angering news. I really hate seeing little threads about dogs being brutalized, or people being harmed or exploited. I hate it. I’m not trying to live in denial of these things, but I would rather not have it shoved in my face every day. There has to be some good out there worth posting, I would think. Why not focus on that?

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