What Insults Can Teach Your or The Daily Word Press Daily Promt

Who’s the one person who you hope isn’t reading your blog?

Love this, love this, love it!  Who do I hope isn’t reading my blog…..hmmmmm…years ago I kept a blog and it was during a time of personal and emotional upheaval.  The blog I kept was, I thought, in such an obscure site  it was going to be a safe place to pour out my heart, frustration and anger.  Boy was I wrong.

My blog was found, this blog I thought I had hidden so well, and what happened to me because of it was a lesson and blessing.  I have a blogging friend, There is No Wealth but Life, who has a rule that nothing she writes will be something that her Mother-in-Law won’t read.   It’s good advice, don’t gossip, don’t be vitalic, and definitely don’t sling mud.

What I had to say was true to what I was feeling.  It was true to my experience at the time, but it was hurtful and insulting to those on the other side.  It was pompous on my end to act as if I was above it all.  It was harmful to not have explored my feeling of anger with the anger I was angry with and not use that blog as a way to get even.  Smugness never looks pretty on anyone!

So, bring it on…I think I have learned a lot and welcome anyone’s comments and suggestions…I can take it

Here is some more food for thought on Who You Don’t Want Visiting Your Blog

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