You Aren’t The Boss Of Me!

thomasMommy Mantra for July 3, 2013:  “We have seen the Lord.” (John 20:25)

No matter what age our child(ren) are we have or will be experiencing what I like to call the: Yeah, or So What stage of parenting.  It’s like when your toddler looks at you as if you have three heads when you try and tell them that they have their shoes on the wrong feet.

It’s the exasperated, exaggerated head toss of the school aged child who proclaims: “YOU JuUUuussSt don’t get it!”  Or it’s the “You aren’t the boss of me!” tween-teen stage.  They doubt our wisdom they think they have the tiger by the isn’t until they have matured and grown into life that they can see our wisdom and understand how they had no idea what was right for them no matter how much they protested they did know.  Our children will gather evidence of our wisdom as they look back on their experiences, as they see how the situation or problem was going to go as we said.  We are older and have the wisdom of our own lives to help us guide our children, but our children are tabula rasa with each new experience leaving its mark on them.

Sometimes our words are not going to be enough to convince them that they should or should not do a thing…we sometimes have to let them experience it themselves.  Just as Thomas, lovely Thomas the disciple everyone likes to say just didn’t get it, that he had no trust; but like our children, Thomas HAD to gain his wisdom not from what others had said but FOR HIMSELF.  Sometimes that is the best and only way to become truly wise.

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