Oh Lord Is My Tongue Bloody


It’s right after Mass and we need to make a Miejer’s run. So I Shanghai our youngest twinnie and off we go.  Everything is fine, in fact it is going smoothly with a little tag team grocery shopping; then it happened.  I see someone emerging from the aisle I wish to go down.  I stop politely wave her to go first, she says: “No dear you go first.” Thinking we are playing the polite game, I say no you first….to which she becomes VERY angry and says: “No, you fat cow someone is behind you!”  Doing a quick head check I see it is a worker giving out free samples and NO-ONE directly behind me.  I sweetly thank her and ask pardon for my remiss all the while she abuses me, and continues to while one her way.  One of the people with the sample worker was a Meijer’s Marketing Manager.  He came over and said there are just those who are anger and bitter.  He thanked me for my response and reaction to her.  He said what goes around comes around.

What he didn’t know, couldn’t have known, was I wanted to give her the what’s for in the worst way; I bite my tongue until it was bloody.  But what good would it do?   I then thought I will go and talk with her, but she is already certain she knows JUST WHAT A STUPID FING COW I already am that anything I could have said would have fallen on deaf ears.   I felt like the Disciples who wanted to rain down God’s Wrath on the town that rejected Jesus.

But what the manager from Miejer was truly saying were words Jesus might have said to me, except for what goes around comes around, Jesus would have said instead: “Pray for her, for peace in her life.”  So that is what I am going to do

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